A. What would you like to see added to this Jim McCotter blog site?

List anything you would like to see added to this Blog site.


9 Responses to A. What would you like to see added to this Jim McCotter blog site?

  1. ex-shep says:

    You might want to provide links to helpful resources. I see our blog. I would add GCM Warning and the articles on McCotter off of Rick Ross site.


    The Mavericks Jet might provide a point of reference.

    The intro page needs some background as to the genesis of the blog. Maintaining a blog page takes work. I tried and failed. I did not have the energy and the responses were too few to make it worth my while.

    The question remains off the homepage who is Jim Mccotter and why is there a blog. If you pardon the pun, it will be interesting to see if the blog takes off.

    Feel free to email me private at familiadegatos@hotmail.com I might be able to put together helpful links.

  2. payback911 says:

    Does anyone know who to contact at the following two places to see if they will add a link from their site to this Jim McCotter site?

    1) De-Commissioned
    2) The Rick Ross web site

    Can someone who has access to Wikipedia where GCM/GCA is entered put a link to this Jim McCotter blog site?

  3. payback911 says:

    Okay, Rick Ross linked his site to ours here and also to De-Commissioned.

    What about getting a link FROM “De-Commissioned” and WikiPedia to this Jim McCotter blog site? Can anyone help us with that?


  4. puff of purple smoke says:

    De-Commissioned now links here.

  5. dbovenmyer says:

    I has a little information on Jim, but it’s just information. I’m having difficulty classifying it as good or bad. Could we have some sort of general comments section for general history of Jim?

  6. dbovenmyer says:

    It looks like a lot of links are set up to sites of people that highly critical of Jim. Are you looking for links to sites that are not critical of Jim? I might be able to supply some if you are interested

  7. payback911 says:

    If there are some out there sure. Jim’s new jet company link is on here which isn’t critical at all, but very relevant.

    You can either post them or email them to payback911@gmail.com

  8. dbovenmyer says:

    Oh you are right! Sorry, I missed that one!

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