A. Roland Ripamonti – Who is he and what does he have to do with Jim McCotter?

Who is Roland Ripamonti and how does he fit in with Jim McCotter?  Please list approximate dates with your comments.


35 Responses to A. Roland Ripamonti – Who is he and what does he have to do with Jim McCotter?

  1. payback911 says:

    Below the double line is some info I found on the internet relating to Roland Ripamonti…and some tie in with Jim McCotter.

    Pochacco 01-06-2006 09:17 AM


    Euroevents and Travel, LLC

    Hey all. I’d like your advice. I am absolutely fuming! I did some work for Eurotravel & Events in October and November, here’s one of their sites: http://www.italian-weddings.com.

    After unanswered emails and attempts at contacting Jeni Larson and Roland Ripamonti, I finally got ahold of Roland today concerning my invoice which is now 2 months overdue. He accused me plagarism! I was shocked. I’ve asked him to prove this, and he said that he has a lot of other things to do, basicly telling me that this is not very important to him. Said he would get back to me. I asked when, and was told that he basicly didn’t know, and that if I wanted to get paid I should hang up. ??? Good thing I was sitting down. I got the sickening “Oh no, they’re trying to screw me over” feeling. I want to hope that this is all a big misunderstanding, but I deeply suspect it’s not.

    After my first payment was slow, and noticing a general lack of communication, I wondered if something was wrong with this company. I noticed that they’re words weren’t following their actions. When my second payment became overdue, I wrapped up my work with them, decided that I couldn’t afford the trouble. Now this accusation.

    I’d never steal anyone else’s work because I know the value of it, and now I fear that I’m not going to get paid for my own hard work. The amount owed is about $150. If I hear back from them and they refuse to pay, I can’t afford to take them to court.

    I’ve never dealth with anything like this before, and would appreciate your advice. I have a lot of respect for writers here, so this was my first idea of where to seek help. What are my options?

    DaveKuzminski 01-06-2006 10:23 AM


    Do you have any documentation?

    Aconite 01-06-2006 10:31 AM


    I regret that I didn’t get a contract. Big mistake. I do have emails of detailed project and payment terms with my agreement to them, and text signatures, if that’s worth anything?

    As far as documenting my work, I can prove that I did not plagarize with Copyscape.com. Does anyone know of any other methods? I want to include this in a final letter to them, letting them know that I will contact the FBI for Internet fraud, the Better Business Bureau and writers groups if they don’t pay. Might be best for me to keep all contact to postal letters from now on, with some sort of delivery confirmation.

    I read about collection agencies that would take a percentage of what they can collect instead of me paying up front. Is this common? Wouldn’t such an agency only make money if they collected?

    Pochacco 01-06-2006 10:53 AM


    Those emails may be sufficient. If you feel up to sharing those, please forward copies to me at prededitors@att.net . If you have to cut and paste those, please keep the header information in what you select.

    Pochacco 01-06-2006 12:14 PM


    Ok, time for an update.

    First, I will correct myself, the company is called Euroevents and Travel, LLC, not Eurotravel and Events. Wanted to make that clear in case anyone searches for the name of the company.

    So I sent a formal letter to Roland Ripamonti, stated that I could easily prove that my work was my own, and asked for their supposed proof by 01/13/06 (Friday the 13th =) Received a prompt and willing response, and long story short, I’ve received my payment which has cleared into my bank account. I’m relieved.


    I do not recommend Eurotravel as a dependable client. I agreed to monthly payments based on work done for that month, and they did not follow through with that. And I’m not sure if they honestly jumped the gun, or just decided they didn’t want to pay and thought they could accuse me of plagiarizing to get out of it. In any case, it’s terribly unprofessional to accuse someone of something before you have proof, which suggests something crooked to me, and I’m glad this is over. I’m a lucky one. If you’ve had a problem with this company, feel free to contact me.

    And special thanks to DaveKuzminski, glad to have your help, but considering the circumstances, I’m also glad I didn’t have to consult with you further. 😉

    veinglory 01-14-2006 07:54 PM


    Hmm, it rather sounds like the plagiarism thing was an attempt to scare you off pursuing payment–very slimy.

    erinbee 01-15-2006 12:50 AM


    Vedy vedy interesting…

    VERY interesting. I, too did some work for Jeni Larson. I had e-mailed over an agreement which she never faxed back – in its absence I (stupidly) decided to do the work anyway, which only added up to about $6 or so since it was a very small chunk of web copy paid at $0.05/word. (This was before I started charging what I’m worth for web copy!)

    After hearing nothing for months, despite repeated follow-up e-mails, I have essentially dropped the topic since it’s only $6, but am irritated to know that other writers have been preyed upon by these people.

    Pochacco 01-15-2006 10:14 AM


    I’m sorry to hear that erinbee, glad they don’t owe you more. What gets me is the principal of the matter, $6 or $600, if they didn’t pay for it, they don’t own it, and it’s not theirs to use. I suspect we’re definitely not alone, and grrrrr, that irritates me too.

    MrAlex’sMommy 01-26-2006 06:10 PM


    I’ve actually heard of these people!!

    I don’t have any experience writing with them, but I did “apply” to be a wedding planner because they were looking for people in Europe who were bilingual. It seemed like an opportunity for a semi-steady job, which was better than nothing.

    Their application was super, super weird, and I actually had to take a personality test to ensure I wasn’t too domineering or too passive, or whatever.

    When they didn’t get back to me, I didn’t really care because another job fell into my lap. Then, right after I registered here, actually, they sent me an email asking me to pay for a roundtrip flight to Colorado where they could “train” me to become a wedding planner. They seemed really fishy to me. Also, even after filling out an extremely intrusive application, they sent a list detailing the type of people they were not interested in working with.

    It kind of reminded me of the “noble” scams — kind of like the fools running the cheatingresearch.com website.

    Of course this is my experience with a completely different facet of their operation. After seeing how they conduct business, though, I wouldn’t agree to write for them.

    Sorry that happened to both of you!!

    Payback911 01-08-2007 07:06 AM


    Jim McCotter & Roland Ripamonti

    To everyone who reads this:

    A new blog has been set up on Jim McCotter and there is a section on Roland Ripamonti…we want information posted about who these guys are and how they treat people…so that those in the future can be warned of their conduct. It is a brand new site.

    Please go there and post your experiences and tell anyone else you can think of who has dealt with these people to go to the blog and post their experiences. This is VERY IMPORTANT…we want to find as many people as possible who have been effected by these people so others don’t have to receive the same treatment. Here is a link to the blog site…copy and past into your browser if it does not jump to the link.



  2. Anonymous says:

    Because the above link does not appear to work (even though I can access it outside of this link for some reason), I am listing the contents below (see last two lines):

    Maverick Jet Inc

    11447 Canterberry Ln, Parker, CO, United States

    Phone: (720) 851-4184

    SIC: Aircraft

    Line of business: Mfg Aircraft

    Maverick Jet Inc – Detailed Company Profile

    Year Started: N/A
    State of Incorporation: N/A
    URL: N/A
    Location type: Single Location
    Stock Symbol: N/A
    Stock Exchange: N/A
    Trade Style Names: N/A
    NAICS: Aircraft Manufacturing
    Est. Annual Sales: $220,000
    Est. Employees: 3
    Est. Employees at Location: 3
    Contact Name: Roland Ripamonti
    Contact Title: President

  3. Lynette Procter says:

    In my experience with Jim McCotter and Roland Ripamonti, Roland was his pawn and money man, who pays for Jim’s stupid ideas that never amount to much. How can a aircraft company have only 3 employees anyway?
    I wonder if they are still grooming Roland’s son Andrew as the next anti-christ? lol
    Does anyone have any info on Andrew? He was in my opinion & experience a really good kid under the thumb of a couple of really bad men…

  4. long gone says:

    Roland Ripamonti was involved in manufacturing eyeglass frames somehwere on the east coast. I believe it was a family owned business associated with his relatives in Italy.

    Since then his name has appeared occasionally with the aircraft business and the newspaper business in New Zealand.

    I knew Roland in the 70’s. Nice guy. He wanted to use his business to further the cause of Christ.

    Think “Smithers” from the Simpsons and you’ll have a pretty good picture of Roland.

    The aircraft company has gone through about three different phases. If you research the subject of personal jets, you;ll find all kinds of weirdness about the Maverick Jet takeover, a crash involving the only Maverick jet flying, and then the company’s rebirth as Leader jets. Over time there have been photos of a facility in Florida, Russia, Colorado, and from the latest news, perhaps China.

  5. dan says:

    Who is robert ripamonti?

  6. payback911 says:

    Never heard of a “Robert” Ripamonti. Dan, do you have more context to surround your question with?

  7. dan says:

    Yes I know roland is his brother. After reading about Roland I am concerned about potential business w/ Robert. Is he conected in any way?

  8. Charles says:

    Hello everyone, I know Jeni Larson very well and while she does not want to post any details to avoid legal action she is certain Roland Ripamonti and his family would pursue, I do want to share a few things I know were going on. The Ripamonti’s are horrid people. For the few months she worked for them, Roland was incredibly abusive and controlling, including even bugging her computer and personal laptop and making absurd requests, monitoring her every move. She was requested to forge documents and lied to repeatedly. Even before she left, her email was taken over by Roland and her password changed so he could read all emails first and relay them to her. The hours he expected of her were insane, giving her out-of-office duties that involved an hour long drive, and then calling her into his office for these freaky “intervention like meetings” where he insisted that stay an extra hour at the end of the day to make the time up that she was out of the office running his errands!!!!! He even told her he wanted to see her medical finance records after she was sick and in the hospital because he thought it was his business to know. He would tell her to send an email, word for word, and then ridicule her because it wasn’t what he wanted. When she left, he had still not paid her everything he owed her and no matter how much she called or emailed, she did not receive a single word. He would make weird comments to her to put her down- telling her things like, “you don’t communicate like most normal people” and then smile at her like a creepy pedophile and say that was the reason he needed “to monitor all her emails.” This included personal emails folks!

    He had her working on some marketing project for his Maverick Jets. She spent days on the project. A day after she presented it to him, she walked in on he and his son on a conference call with Jim Cotter and heard Roland taking credit for all her work- details and all, as though he’d slaved over it for days.

    For anyone who is interested in being one of their “wedding coordinators” after coming across his ridiculous mind-interrogating monster.com applications: Jeni had referred me for this job the first week she worked for him and after speaking with him for 20 minutes on the phone, I was so creeped out, I told her there was no way I was working for these people. I told her to run.

    She later told me that Roland and his sister (sorry, I don’t know her name- just remember that she was from italy too and now lives in Colorado near her brother) would tell people they were hired, then insist they pay their own way (flight, lodging, food, etc) for “training” and all along, already knowing they had no intention of making them a coordinator. Instead, they would let them come from wherever, put them through “training” which consisted of parking them at a computer at the sister’s house and doing work for free. Then send them home and tell them they have such and such location for their coordinating and can get started on doing the research for that area. Research meant creating databases of wedding locations, etc- at least 8 months of work for free! If they insisted on getting paid, they were offered around $8 US dollars for every 50 locations/professionals, etc they put into the database. Obvously, no one would stay for longer than a few weeks once they realized they were making 20 dollars a week for full-time work and they’d quit leaving roland with a few free additions to his database and an easy out for not having to hire them.

    She also later found out that he had formerly hired personal assistants- all had left without a word. He pinned it to being unable to find good help, but it was obvious that it was due to his abusive and unstable behavior.

    This is just a fraction of the things I remember were going on while she was working there. You can bet if I remember more, I’ll be back to post, but I think you get the idea.


  9. anonymous says:

    friends of ours contracted through EET sometime ago for a wedding planner/coordinator.it turns out they wanted all the moneysent directly to a cayman island account…come to find out this money is neither declared overseas, where the wedding planners are and where the weddingtakes place..and who knows, maybe its all tax free…hidden in the tax free vault some where in the Caymen Islands. This by the way is easily verifiable stuff as the contract terms an conditionsare all set forth in their electronic correspondence asking for over half the contract up front, with all the specifics as to how and where to send the money.don’t know if its undeclared income but they do not request invoices of anyone for their services.

  10. Marc Aaron Rogers says:

    I know Roland. the only experience I have had with him is the night I stayed at his house outsdie of Denver. Very nic e and Very Expensive. He was friendly but I was reserved. THe yserved me breakfast and even prayed for a safe flight and a safe delivery of my child. I knew that anyone who had interest with the Mc Cotter should be approached with caution. As for his son yes andrew is a nut Anti Christ maybe not but definetely a spoiled little boy. I stayed at his house with Robert Rogers the matenance manager. We figures out we were cousins long removed. If anyone knows were he is please let me know. Marc Rogers

  11. Marc Aaron Rogers says:

    Sorry I am in a rush and my spelling is of . Sorry.

  12. Newlywed says:

    EuroEvents and Travel is an absolutely horrible orginazation. I advise anyone (contractors and clients) to stay far away. They charge lots of money, make lots of promises and don’t deliver. They ruined by wedding day. I am still trying to get money back, but to no avail. They are dishonest people. They have no integrity whatsoever. You do what you promise to do, but they will not.

  13. Put them on ripoffreport.com where they deserve to be

  14. Anonymous says:

    I used to work with this derelict. He is the hand servant of Jim McCotter (Maverick Jets) another crook who masquarades as a legitimate busnessman and xian. They are dangerous, dishonest men.

  15. almost a sucker says:

    What a nut this guy is, he’s trying to sell a business that he seems o know nothing about, he cannot answer the simpliest questions regarding gross incom expenses etc.etc. A fool at best!!

  16. amw says:

    To Dave. I have had some experiences with not getting paid. Here’s my advice. If you really want the money try these things. Call once a week and with all enthusiasm and kindness tell them you are calling on a past due payment and need a check in the mail this week. Don’t get in any arguments. Do you have a friend with a business who uses a collection agency? You can turn their name over to collections after a warning. I worked on commission for a company once and told the deliquent owner, “I am going to contact my sales leads and tell them I am no longer represent “company’s name” because they didn’t pay their bills.” That one worked well. It made the owner mad as a hornet, but I got paid fast. Document everything. It may not be worth the stress to go after $150.00. However, small claims court is very reasonable, $15.00 in our state. Hope my experience is of some help! amw

  17. Larry Pile says:

    Robert (or Roberto) Ripamonti is Roland’s brother. Together with their sister (name forgotten at the moment) they bankrolled numerous of McCotter’s schemes (radio station/syndication company, newspapers, etc., etc.) Robert, according to George Verwer (founder of Operation Mobilization) finally realized he was dealing with an unsavory individual and hightailed it to the UK, where he lived on the Isle of Wight for some time. (In self-imposed exile? or just trying to adopt a low profile?) At any rate, I don’t know what he has been doing recently.


  18. anonymous says:

    If you want to get EuroTravel in trouble or have some leverage with them to get paid then merely threaten to report them to the Italian Tax Police (Guarda di Finanza) and they’ll probably cave in and pay what is owed.

  19. Jim says:

    I procured a person to lease/purchase a super posh high rise condo owned by Mr. Ripamonti when I was a real estate agent in Maryland. I think the going rate was for one months rent for the leasing agent. I think it was $1,600. I basically worked for a GCM real estate office not exactly run by the church, but I think that the broker and Mr. Ripamonti were surprised when I asked for the commission, as there was a lot of looking the other way for elders in the church or for people with big money. Anyway, I didn’t have an agreement with Roland, and it wasn’t even officially listed with the company as far as I know. All I knew was that I had a real estate license, and I had leased his condo for him. After a brief conversation with Roland where he mentioned he was unaware that I had planned to bill him, he quickly agreed to pay, and the payment was promptly paid. I think that was 1989. Very shortly after that, the real estate company was being run into the ground by the ex-elder broker. I was owed several paychecks, and I personally knew the wheels were coming off, as I was the broker’s pet project in training. The owner was continuing to borrow money from church members and others, and this was more than I could bear to watch. The broker was completely unapproachable for any kind of accountability by little ole me so, I requested a hearing with Dennis Clark, and I spoke to him about my concerns (knowing that Dennis had quite a bit of money invested with a company which was about to go belly up). I finally received back pay, and split out of there, GCM and Maryland permanently with my family. All my encounters with Roland were pleasant and professional. I’m sorry to hear he got mixed up in unfortunate business relationships.

    In another un-related story. While in the office one day, I received a call that Jim McCotter and Rogers Kirven (sp?) were on their way to the office to sign some document, and could I please pull the folder and have it ready for them. Rogers came in first, and I asked him if he wanted coffee to which he replied, “no, I gave that up with alcohol long ago”. I don’t know if he was serious. Anyway, shortly after that Jim McCotter comes in (the first of my three total encounters with the man), and I had located the folder in the file cabinet shortly before then. He comes in and says, I here to take care of some signatures. I said, “If you wish, you can use that room right there, I’ll get the folder.” I reached in the cabinet to get the folder, and turned around to take it to him, and virtually ran into him as he had followed me to the cabinet. He said, “Let me have it, let’s get this thing going” removing it from my hands, then briskly walking into the conference room. What a ball of fire he is.

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  33. screw this scam artist says:

    I almost knocked out Roland in the parking lot of a bank in Melbourne Beach. He owed me money and if that check had bounced… Roland would have had a broken jaw laying down on the concrete of the space coast bank parking lot! Ur lucky Roland!! REAL LUCKY!! Scam artists!!

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