B. GOOD deeds by Jim after 1986 when he left Great Commission church

Please list any GOOD deeds Jim has performed after 1986 when he left the Great Commission church.  Try to list an approximate date it occurred.


7 Responses to B. GOOD deeds by Jim after 1986 when he left Great Commission church

  1. payback911 says:

    Since there is no one which we know of who can come up with anything Jim has done that has been good since he left the Great Commission church back in 1986, let’s go straight to Jim McCotter himself.

    Jim, can you tell us what you have done for the Kingdom of God since you left the Great Commission church?

  2. wm kelly says:

    my first experience meeting jim was in the summer of 70.

    as a new Christian who was excited about my faith in Christ, I was impressed by Jim’s zeal and charismatic speaking ability.

    there is no doubt that most of what he preached from my experience was very centered on the Bible.

    He challenged those of us who attended conferences where he spoke to a whole hearted commitment to Christ.

    I was going to a church indirectly started by he and some others in Tucson, so our little group was mostly out of Jim’s
    direct intervention.

    Our little church was a great place to grow as a Christian. I have kept in touch and consider several from that church friends including the pastor, Brian Catalano who now resides in Texas.

    Overall my view of Jim’s ministry was positive. However I do admit that my interaction with him personally was extremely brief as he didn’t visit Tucson more than 1 or 2 times after his initial evangelistic outreach in the Summer of 70.

    My experience with the local church in Tucson indirectly started by Jim and others was very positive.

    I now attend a PCA Presbyterian church.


  3. payback911 says:

    Thanks for you comments Wm Kelly.

    1) Do you still have contact with Jim?

    2) How did you find this blog?

  4. payback911 says:

    Also, these comments should go under GOOD deeds before 1987. We are still diligently looking for any good deeds Jim has done AFTER 1986…but so far, we have come up empty.

    Can anyone help us in our pursuit? Jim, you too can jump in and help us out.

  5. Tausha says:

    Well, I don’t know if I would call it a good deed but I benefited from meeting Jim.
    I took a summer job during college at Meadowlark. I was suppose to be the receptionist but I ended up as the one and only waitress. It was a salary job with very minimal pay plus room and board. The job was only suppose to be for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week, but since Jim and his family took a week long vacation that turned into a 2 and a half week vacation, I was working 14 hr days 7 day per week. When they finally got back I got two days off in a row (woopee). Jim sat me down and said I had done such a good job he would up my pay a little. When I finally got my late paycheck, I had not gotten a raise or paid for any of the extra hours. So that weekend they were having a huge wedding and as the one and only waitress I decided to quit on Thursday. In the mean time, I had started dating the one and only Mechanic. He liked me enough to decide that if I left he would leave too. I told Jim’s daughter on Thursday night that we would both be quitting. She asked me just to stay for the weekend. i said “Sure, if I receive back pay at the rate promised by Jim.” My demands were met, we worked that weekend and then moved away. I am now married to that Mechanic and we have a beautiful baby boy. Take that Jim 🙂

  6. thomas says:

    hey tausha, I worked with you for a bit there! I remember you and matt very vividly. You even picked me up from the Sheridan airport 🙂 if you rememeber Thomas, lol. you had the VW and your hubby had the Honda that could fly! glad you all are doing well! Jim seemed to have a lot of good insightful thoughts for one on one conversation. I was always paid as agreed and treated very well. The demands for the job were a bit much though.

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