Why we are here?

This web site is about Jim McCotter and what he has done in life.  From about 1970 to 1986 he was a founding member of what is called the Great Commission church which has had various name changes over the years.  Great Commission Association of Churches (GCAC), Great Commission International (GCI), Great Commission Ministries (GCM) are some examples.  Generally it is thought he did much good during these years but also had an overbearing and intrusive approach with people in the movement which led to ex-communicating hundreds of its members.  In 1986 it appears he voluntarily left the movement to pursue business ventures.

It is at this point when Jim McCotter enters into the business world that his life changes dramatically.  He starts buying multimillion dollar homes and entering into business after business, company after company, leaving a path of messed up people in his path.  Business partners, employees, prior friends, relatives, customers; you name it, those in his path seemed to and continue to this day to get taken advantage of by this man.  Jim McCotter, a man who seemed to give up the Gospel to pursue something more important to him:  MONEY.

So why did we start this blog?  For ONE reason:  To warn people who might come in contact with Jim McCotter in the FUTURE.  To warn them of who they are dealing with and if they get involved with him, their relationship with Jim will not stand the test of time.  There are thousands and thousands of people left in the wake of Jim McCotter who jost money, jobs, reputations, friends, businesses, family, their futures and, as of now, two have lost their lives.  We are here to warn the future victims of Jim McCotter.

Please help us to do the following after reading the comments on this blog.

1) Post comments of your experiences with Jim McCotter.

2) Find the past victims of Jim McCotter and let them know about this blog site so they can post their experiences.

3) Find all the businesses Jim has been involved in or is currently involved in.  The pattern is the businesses seem to last less than 5 years.

4) Find any other information on the internet or otherwise which is about Jim McCotter that we can tie into this blog site.

5) If anyone is interested in being an “Administrator” on this blog just let us know by posting a comment.

All this seems negative but we actually do want to hear anything Jim has done which is good.  We have split the timeframes up from when he was in Great Commission (upto 1986) to after he got out of Great Commission in 1987.

Please let us know of anything you would like to see on this blog.


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